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Grappling martial systems such as Judo, Hapkido, and Jiu Jitsu require students to learn breakfalls and make it an essential aspect of training. Throws and takedowns are common place at Apex Martial Arts Academy, so we make sure that all students in our kids martial arts program are provided the skills necessary to fall safely. These skills come in useful in and out of the martial arts academy. Whether it be during a Hapkido sparring match or falling off the jungle gym, the skills learned through breakfall practice can help prevent serious injury. There are 4 ways that breakfall training accomplishes this:

  1. Protect the cranium.

The most important rule when it comes to falling is to keep your head off the ground at the moment of impact. Students must develop strength in their necks to tuck in their chins and hold their head up. This prevents a “whiplash” action which can result in their heads bouncing off the mat causing concussion.

  1. Preventing bone fractures.

It is important to tighten up the core muscles with a kihap (martial arts yell). This reinforces skeletal structures with contracted muscles. Hapkido students also learn to position their bodies so they don’t hyperextend joints. An untrained person may intuitively try to break their fall by catching themselves with their palms which can result in a fractures, hyperextension, and dislocation.

  1. Preventing internal injury

Martial arts breakfalling requires our students to slap the mat with their hands and arms. This helps to absorb the impact and relieve some of the shock taken by the body. The act of slapping the mat in conjunction with the tightening of the core muscles helps to protect the internal organs.

  1. Body Conditioning

Experienced students practice high impact breakfalls which help build bone density, strength in the joints, and tones muscle. All these benefits help with developing durability.


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