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Kids Martial Arts Classes In Stockton

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Our Kids Martial Arts Program Offers Age-Specific Classes For Students All Across Stockton

At Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido, our goal every day is to help students stay active, give them the opportunity to build self-confidence, and develop them into well-rounded members of the community. 

Our Kids Martial Arts program does just that with high-energy instruction and tons of fun. We divide the program into age-specific training to surround students with classmates of the same skill level and we offer hands-on coaching in the Korean art of Hapkido. 

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Proudly Serving Stockton With Age-Specific Kids Martial Arts Classes

There's nothing worse for a young child than to feel intimidated or in over their head around students who are older and more experienced. That's why our Kids Martial Arts program focuses on age-specific training where everyone can feel comfortable. We break students into three distinct groups and challenge them to improve their skills one step at a time.

Our classes in Stockton include:

Kuk Sool Cubs (Ages 4-6): This system includes our most basic instruction with a focus on balance and coordination. We help our Cubs build discipline and learn how to focus on specific details of the instruction. PLUS, we have a blast from start to finish.

Tigers (Ages 7-9): Our Tigers begin to learn the self-defense skills of Hapkido while also developing a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. We use a belt ranking system that sets goals for each child and celebrates every success.

Dragons (Ages 10-12):At this age, students are slowly becoming exposed to the threats of bullies and intimidation. We work hard to build them up with positive reinforcement and effective self-defense skills. Our Dragons can learn to persevere through any challenge.

PLUS, Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido Is Building Skills For All Aspects Of Life

Hapkido is an incredible discipline that offers effective self-defense skills and keeps the body strong and healthy for years to come. But the goal of our Kids Martial Arts training is to go beyond just the physical benefits that kids love. We want our students to also build character and face life with confidence and walk away better prepared for whatever comes their way.

We're helping students all across Stockton:

  • Establish teamwork and leadership skills
  • Take pride in the learning process
  • Develop focus and attention to detail
  • Build a sense of hard work ethic in every endeavor

Make The Move Today! Try Out Stockton's Best Kids Martial Arts Classes Now!

If you're looking for a great way to establish lifelong habits of physical activity in your child and surround them with a support system like no other, get started today at Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido. We're offering students of all backgrounds the best blend of self-defense, character development, and heart-racing fun.

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